The Role Governors Play at St Michael's

The Role Governors play at St Michael’s Junior Church School

The Head teacher Mrs Greene, is responsible for the day-to-day management of St Michael’s.

The role of the Local Board of Governors is to provide strategic management and act as a “critical friend”, supporting and challenging, in equal measure, the work of Mrs Greene and her staff.

School Governors bring perspectives from ordinary life. They work with staff and other stakeholders to help St Michael’s to provide the best possible education for all children. They are involved in the daily life of the school: leading assemblies, helping in classes and supporting fundraising.

St Michaels Junior Church School is part of the Bath & Wells Multi Academy Trust from whom it has a delegated budget to cover salaries, running costs, maintenance and resources. The Local Governing Body is responsible for monitoring this budget.  

 There are a minimum of five full Governors meetings a year, with sub-committees meeting more regularly. There are also nominated roles (i.e. Safeguarding Governor).which Governors fulfil.. Regardless of role the sole purpose of the Board of Governors is to continue to improve St Michael's.

At St Michael’s we greatly appreciate the effort and commitment of all our Governors. It is a rewarding job, but does need commitment as it involves giving up spare time. Follow the link below to the National Governors Association for more information.