School Improvement Plan and Self Evaluation Form

St Michael’s Junior Church School Development Plan 20/21



Key Intention 1


Curriculum and Catch up


Adapt the taught and personal development curriculum to address the effect of the lock down on pupils’ learning and development, so that they can thrive, develop, and catch up in their learning.

Key Intention 2


Rapidly improve quality of education in English and Maths, ensuring teachers and leaders use assessment well, to help pupils embed and use knowledge fluently and inform teachers planning, leading to accelerated progress for pupils.


(writing to be main focus as will have been impacted the most during lockdown)

Key Intention 3




Further strengthen leaders and governors’ skills of monitoring and evaluation, ensuring staff practice and subject knowledge, build and improve over time.

What will success look like?


  • Routines and relationships are established
  • Repair activities completed successfully so pupils are happy in school and attendance (non COVID-19 related) is in line with target 96%
  • Pupils have achieved missed learning (Spring/ Summer 2020) and 90% are back on their learning trajectory by Summer 2021
  • Pupils are accessing age related curriculum

What will success look like?


  • Learning sessions are pitched to accurately challenge and support learning for individuals and groups.
  • Positive impact of learning is evidenced through pupils’ books, learning environments and accuracy of teacher assessment judgements.
  • All key external assessment points at least in line with targets set.
  • All internal data drop points show on track to meet targets set.
  • Progress for all pupils but particularly those with SEND and who are PPG is


What will success look like?


  • Governors provide effective support and challenge
  • Leaders at all levels have a clear picture of areas of responsibility and succinct action plans for improvement.
  • Monitoring shows improvement in target areas e.g. QFT, SEND provision