Risk Assessment

Before Christmas the school was fully open, we updated the risk assessment in january to reflect the testing of staff, vaccinations and the new strains.

We consult with our staff, Governors and any union representatives and ensure that they are able to feed into this process and address any concerns.


When reviewing the risk assessment, we took account of the following documents among others:


· School Coronavirus Operational Guidance – valid from 8th March 2021 Schools coronavirus (COVID-19) operational guidance (publishing.service.gov.uk)

· Annex A – Health and Safety Risk Assessment Annex A: health and safety risk assessment - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


We consider the hierarchy of control - The core principles of a hierarchy of control measures to reduce transmission by all routes – close-range, airborne, and surface – remain essential, in conjunction with reducing social contacts, isolation and quarantine, alongside testing and tracing and the vaccination programme.

Prevention - 

1. Minimise contact with individuals who are required to self-isolate by ensuring they do not attend the school.

2. Ensure face coverings are used in recommended circumstances.

3. Ensure everyone is advised to clean their hands thoroughly and more often than usual.

4. Ensure good respiratory hygiene for everyone by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.

5. Maintain enhanced cleaning, including cleaning frequently touched surfaces often, using standard products such as detergents.

6. Consider how to minimise contact across the site and maintain social distancing wherever possible.

7. Keep occupied spaces well ventilated.


In specific circumstances:

8. Ensure individuals wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary.

9. Promote and engage in asymptomatic testing, where available.


Response to any infection - 


10. Promote and engage with the NHS Test and Trace process.

11. Manage and report confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) amongst the school community.

12. Contain any outbreak by following local health protection team advic