Remote learning

Remote learning from 5th January 2021
We will now provide additional support with pre-recorded teaching videos and tasks as well as live check-ins (please see the letter at the bottom of the page). We require parents to electronically 'sign' an Online Home Learning Agreement which includes a guide on how to access Teams safely and how your child should conduct themselves. 
During this period of Lockdown, all children will be set learning assignments via Microsoft Teams. Teachers are providing support via links to pre-recorded external sites, such as Oak Academy, White Rose Maths and now>press>play. They may also record their own short demonstration videos and post them on Teams. 
Your child can join two daily online meetings during Lockdown. These 10-minute check-ins allow your child to see their classmates, say hello to their teacher, find out what is happening that day and ask any questions about their learning. The meetings are staggered between 9am and 9.40am, and 3pm to 4pm. This means any children who need to share a device with their siblings can still attend meetings every day. We look forward to seeing you on Teams!
If your child is self-isolating but is well enough to complete learning, please request a weekly timetable from the school office. These will be prepared by your child's class teacher to reflect the learning happening in class. Direct instruction will be provided through the use of Oak Academy. 
Remote Learning
If a whole bubble needs to isolate for 14 days because of a positive test, daily learning will be set through Microsoft Teams, with daily activities of 4 hours. 

We have a small number of BWMAT iPads, chargers and mini WiFi boxes that can be allocated on loan to families without suitable online access at home.

Parents/carers should contact school via text or email if they cannot access the online resources from home and a member of the school team will respond.

We may also offer printed work packs to a small number of families, only if we have exhausted all other methods of using online remote learning. These packs would need to be collected by parents and returned to school for feedback, which will be given after the two-week remote learning period. 

Class teachers will be available on Microsoft Teams during usual school hours to provide feedback and support on a daily basis.
If for any reason, the class teachers are unable to generate weekly or daily learning as described above, a hard copy pack will be emailed which will provide 2 weeks of learning. This will only be in exceptional circumstances when SLT or other staff are unable to cover. 
Pupil and Parental Engagement
Please read the Online Learning Home Agreement below for further details.
The Senior Leadership Team will check online engagement with learning weekly, by viewing access to Teams and how many assignments have been completed/ and handed in.
Where engagement is a concern, parents will receive a phone call or email to explore any issues and remind you of the expectations for remote learning.
Additional Support for Pupils with Particular Needs
A differentiated set of tasks and assignments may be given to support pupils with SEND if required.
In some cases, pupils with SEND may also receive phone or video tuition on a weekly basis with a member of the teaching staff/ Inclusion Lead.
Some examples of remote learning are shown below.
For any extras please also visit this page- we have visited this school and regularly share ideas. Their content is free to access for schools and their communities #SharingIsCaring

If you have NO internet access at home, you can apply for a 4G router or SIM card here. 

If you would like to apply for a data increase you can do that here. 

If you would like to apply for a loan device you can do that here. 

Check out our tech support pages for advice logging including the use of Xbox or Playstation.
See below for this week's PE learning. Upload photos via teams for feedback and teachers will set as assignments but thank you Mr Durrant for preparing.
Monday's Collective Worship will be set via teams and live in school, but there is also a document below if you miss it. 
If you missed the first week's learnng activities they can also be found below.