New Y3 September 2020 transition

Welcome to our family! 
Mrs Boyce will be your class teacher and she will post more things shortly here to help with transition.
If you have accepted yur place you should have received a letter from Mrs Boyce through your door. Please get your children to reply! There are copies you can download and print or write your own. We have had some lovely responses so far. 
Check out our current Year 3s here and see what they say about St Michael's. You can also see some videos from our Headteacher Ms Greene on our YouTube channel so you can see what life is like at the moment. 
Take a look at these wonderful ideas for Summer Holiday activities from the team at Pobble. 
Here's another summer activity- a Reading Challenge!
Here are some more great non screen ideas from Pobble
Version  one and two
We will post some transition activities here soon but in the meantime how about some Year 2 Maths? Click here for some WhiteRoseMaths activities. The videos are great to explain concepts and you can access the previous pages too. We use these resources across the school. 
Gwen has set you a prayer flower challenge too.