Collective Worship

At St Michael’s our vision is to work with the community and church to ensure our children are spiritually, emotionally and educationally equipped for life now and in the future.
Our daily act of worship is an integral part of our school life. It is a time for prayer, reflection and celebration. Together we share the love of God, learn together from our school Christian Values and celebrate our achievements. We aim to gather together in one place; during Covid 19 this has not been possible but we have ‘gathered on –line' at home and school to maintain a sense of family and togetherness. We also have worships outside and pre-record for those at home isolating to access.
St Michael’s School welcomes all children from the local neighbourhood (according to the criteria laid down in our admissions policy); we welcome children from families that hold a faith of whatever nature or of no faith at all.
In line with the 1988 Education Reform Act which states that collective worship should be ‘wholly or mainly of a broad Christian character’, we usually base our worships on the teachings of the Bible and contributions from staff, pupils, church clergy and other visitors are highly valued. 
Please see the policy for further detail.
We have used our collective worships to say thank you. You can view or add to the padlets for staff here and for taking just one second here. We even made our own playlist by sharing our favourite songs here. Visit our youtube channel to listen to them.