The St Michael's Family - Staff

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
Headteacher: Mrs C Greene 
Deputy Headteacher: Miss R Mellor
SENCo: Ms J Cuthbertson
Our most important job is to keep the children safe.
Designated Safeguarding Lead- Miss Mellor
Deputy DSL- Ms Andrea Smith
Year 3- Miss Brennan
Year 4- Mrs Hamilton
Year 5 Mrs Archer (Mrs Price on Fridays)
Year 5/6 Mr Dallimore
Year 6 Miss Golden
Teaching Assistants

Ms Blake, Mrs Gillum and Miss Lewis             Year 3           

Mrs Grizzell        Year 4

Mrs Angell    Year 5         

Mrs Lewington   Year 5/6

Mrs  Pile  Year 6

PPA teachers: Mrs Price, Mrs Willis and Mrs Pile
Sport Practitioner- Vicky Lunt
Forest School teacher- Colin
SMSAs- Miss Molnar and Miss Moulding
Site Manager- Mr Jarvis
Cleaner- Mrs Hyden
Chaplain- Gwen Kierly
FSW- Ms Andrea Smith
Office staff- Mrs Eves and Mrs Janczak