The Lodge

Welcome to the Lodge

The children of St. Michael's are fortunate enough to have access to The Lodge; our specialist unit for children with SEBD (Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties). The Lodge offers support services to children who struggle to achieve their potential in the traditional classroom environment, through offering one-to-one support, group mentoring, individualised lessons and a wide range of other creative solutions.

The room is specifically designed for the children (soft carpet, low sensory colours, touch screen interactive whiteboard to name but a few of the features) The staff at The Lodge have experience of working alongside children with additional educational needs. Their commitment to every individual child is demonstrated through their availability throughout the school day; before school, break times, lunch times and after school.

Over the years The Lodge has developed excellent working relationships with a wide range of education professionals including; educational psychologists, speech and language therapists, behaviour support, local schools and play therapists. Thereby ensuring that all children get the specialist help they require towards supporting any additional educational needs. It also prides itself on the quality of relationships with parents, which offers a bridge between home and school life for the child.

The long-term aim of the lodge is to enable every child equal access to the curriculum and empower them to enjoy and achieve in education. It aims to ensure that all children develop the skills to work independently in a mainstream classroom and secure the confidence to become lifelong learners.