Royal High Tea

18th May 2018

Dear parents, carers and guardians,

You are invited to join us for our Royal High Tea on Friday 18th May 2018, to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this weekend. St. Michael’s children are also welcome to wear red, white and/or blue mufti for the day (no money required, nail varnish permitted, but no hair dyes/sprays, please).

All the children from Twerton Infants will be joining us for the afternoon and we will be having a picnic lunch on the field followed by playtime and games! Please bring a picnic blanket and your own picnic food, and join us in our celebration. Normal payment arrangements for the children’s lunches are being followed tomorrow, so if you normally pay online for a school meal, you will need to do so for the High Tea.


Parents and carers arrive and sign in at the back gate to St. Michael’s field (via First Steps’ car park/ path at the front of Bumblebees/Dragonflies classrooms.


Children collect their lunch (school dinner or own packed lunch) and start their picnic on the field.


Reception class- 11.45am

Year 1 & 2- 12pm

Year 3 & 4- 12.15pm

Year 5 & 6- 12.30pm

After eating, until 1.40pm

Children, parents and carers may play games and use equipment on field and playground.


Children gather in classes on the field.

St. Michael’s children return to classes to collect belongings.

Infants handover to parents then walk back to school with remaining children.



Parents leave field via back gate and walk around to the external classroom doors at the front of school to collect Junior children.


If you’re not able to come to the picnic, you can still come to collect your child/ren at 2pm. Year 3/ 4 children must be collected. Year 5/6 children may be collected or can walk home, as long as we have written permission for them to leave early. Please write a quick note with your name, child’s name and class, giving permission for your Y5/6 child to walk alone. If you are working and unable to collect your child at 2pm, they will remain at school and be supervised by staff until their normal pick-up time.

We hope to see you tomorrow!


Miss Mellor