PE and Sport Premium

PE is delivered weekly to all pupils. Pupils receive 6 weekly swimming sessions on a yearly

basis. This year’s sporting provision includes the introduction of the ‘Daily Mile’ to engage all

students in physical activity, alongside significant strides in our OPAL scheme, as we work

towards getting pupils active for 30 minutes minimum per day.


New members of staff have been provided immediate CPD – based on targets and areas they

identified as needing support in from In2SPort – and existing staff have further CPD from

community partners such as Bath Rugby and Bath FC. A variety of sports clubs run before and

after school, and we have begun to target specific pupils (who are disengaged with P.E. or

regularly forget their kit) with intervention.


Moving forward, we aim to use pupil voice to gauge students’ opinions on the opportunities

they currently have, their attitudes towards sport, and how we can develop our provision to

align with their views. This will also be a measure of how effective our use of the sports

premium budget has been. Pupils will also benefit from competing against and collaborating

with other schools (Key Indicator 5)