A good home/school partnership is vital in helping to support your child's progress at school. This, coupled with a strong partnership with St Michael's, means that children will be happy and confident in school and achieve their potential.

We encourage parents to be as involved as possible with their child's education and welcome parents to come in to school to share in their child's learning. We hold regular class assemblies, open days and events that parents, carers and the whole family are invited to.

Please see your child's class teacher first with any concerns, they are available 8:30-8:45 and 3:10-3:20 everyday informally at the classroom door or book an appointment at the office. 

Please see Andrea about any questions on attendance or family support and Ms McClune if your question/ concern relates to SEND. Please email the office at or call 01225 421888

If for any reason you still are concerned please make an appointment to see Miss Warlow Assistant Head and USK2 Phase Lead or Mrs Boyce for Lower Key Stage 2. 

We believe together we can