Collective Worship

Collective Worship at St Michael's

At St Michael’s we value our daily times that we share together in Collective Worship. We usually meet at 12.15 and it gives us an opportunity to set the tone for the day and reflect, pray and learn more about our school values.  Each term we reflect on a different Christian Value and think about how it will impact the life our school across the curriculum.

We begin our worship with the lighting of a candle and children join with some liturgy in the form of a short prayer. We firmly believe in the importance of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all the children in our school and aim to ensure every child’s own beliefs are valued and that everyone has the opportunity to reflect and respond in their own way.

During Covid restrictions, bubbles join remotely from their classrooms via teams and children can also join from home. The worships are recorded and can be accessed later, and children are encouraged to feedback their thoughts and feelings following the worships.

Monday's worship is held by our Head teacher or member of SLT
Tuesday's worship is held by a member of our church community - Rev. Richard or Gwen (School Chaplain) 
Wednesday's worship are sometimes led byt he children and supported by Gwen (School Chaplain)
Thursday's worship is usually activity based. 
Friday's worship is an achievement and celebration worship.
We have used our collective worships to say thank you. You can view or add to the padlets for staff here and for taking just one second here. We even made our own playlist by sharing our favourite songs here. Visit our youtube channel to listen to them.