Contact the school office on 01225 421888 to make an appointment for a phone 'tour'.

Our published admissions number is 60 children in Year 3 for the normal admission round and the school's process for that application is through the local authority.  Therefore all requests for places must be made to Bath and North East Somerset Council on 01225 394311 and fill out the necessary forms as part of the co-ordinated admission arrangements or access BaNES school admissions website

For new intake September 2021 (current Year 2s) the deadline is January 2020. Late applications still need to go through B&NES,

For in-year transfers, as an Academy we are the admission authority. The admissions committee meet regularly and part of their role is to agree the admissions limit for year year.  The committee has set an admission limit for Years 4, 5 and 6 which, at the present time, reflects the level of resource available and the number of children that can be accommodated in the classrooms taking account of the needs of those children. 

Year 3: 30

Year 4: 54

Year5 : 28

Year 6: 34

Following the consultation period from Saturday 1st December 2019 to 26th January 2020 we received no comments.  We can confirm therefore that the admission arrangements were approved and agreed at the Trustees Board.  You can find the arrangements below.